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Diuers Sallets

I went with a side dish tonight. Wouldn’t of thought to use such sweet seasonings with cauliflower but the flavor was actually very subtle and it was appropriate as a vegetable side. I left out the egg garnish for obvious reasons and the currants because I didn’t have any. They probably would have added a lot to the recipe though.


Diuers Sallets Recipe


Linen Coif

I have pretty much zero sewing experience but I thought a coif would be a good beginner project. I used a natural linen canvas and had a good time on this short project.

coifme in coif

I followed the instructions for a one piece coif from here

Gourdes in Potage

This isn’t a pretty recipe but it is very filling and very delicious. I left out the egg yolk for this recipe and substituted the pork with walnuts as the recipe suggests. I accidentally bought walnut halves instead of ground walnuts and so I chopped them up but it was still on the crunchy side.


Gourdes in Potage Recipe

Mushroom Pastries with Pears in Wine Sauce

I took some photos of the ingredients for this one. I used Earth Balance again but I promise I’ll eventually get around to trying out almond butter. I decided to go with croissants partly for the convenience but mostly because I just found out they are vegan! I added some daiya mozzarella cheese as an after thought but I don’t feel like they added much. I think if I had added it into the mushroom mix it would have been better.

164958_2675048797970_2072140899_n 422024_2675048917973_2130965812_n  935429_2675049037976_876031843_n482535_2675049237981_2039005297_n

Recipe for Mushroom Pastries

Recipe for Pears in Wine Sauce


OK,  this one is definitely one of my favorites. I used bouillon cubes to make the gode broth and chose to use leeks over onions since they are now one of my favorite vegetables. Still no saffron though.


The recipe can be found here


Otherwise known as roasted chickpeas. I think I ended up being a little heavy handed on the olive oil but they still turned out good. They are very hearty, I wasn’t even able to finish my bowl before I got too full. I haven’t been able to find any saffron at my local grocery store and I’m worried that I’m really missing out on an aspect of this food.


Recipe can be found here


Cream of Mushroom Soup

For the milk I just used Almond milk, which wouldn’t of been unusual at all.  For butter I used Earth Balance but if you want a more authentic ingredient you can make your own almond butter. I left out the cream and I didn’t miss it at all.


Recipe #36 from:

Leek and Split Pea Soup

I added ham flavored TVP to this recipe but it certainly isn’t needed. This was my first time cooking with leeks and it has since become one of my favorite vegetables.

558230_2520376171251_1959289444_n 309703_2520376691264_1897880669_n

It is recipe #35 from

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